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UK Fuel Cards

Our UK Fuel Cards provide an excellent fuel management service:

  • Eliminate the need for your drivers to carry cash.
  • No need to obtain VAT receipts at the service stations
  • Cards can be used on a network of more than 1250 sites throughout the UK including all Morrisons and Somerfield forecourts.  The site network is based on the most convenient locations available. Most sites are based on or close to major trunk roads and Motorways and offer good access for both Heavy Goods and Light Commercial Vehicles.

You pay one weekly price right across the network which will usually be less than the average forecourt pump price.

You are provided with a detailed management report with your invoice. This comprehensive report details each fill made on each card - date, time, location, vehicle registration, quantity drawn, mileage etc.

The risk of fraudulent fuel drawing has become a major issue for many businesses. All our company fuel cards are PIN protected and have Smart Restrictions.

Accurate fuel management information is essential if you are to create real efficiency gains. CSC Keyfuels Fuel Card provides a variety of reports electronically. These can include MPG, detailed transaction or irregular drawings reports to help you to gain better control and efficiency.  Free online account management is also available, allowing 24/7 access to your account to view all transactions, print reports etc.

Site Location Directories issued free of charge with all cards to give to your drivers so they know exactly where to fill.

Our cards are Free of Charge!

There is no minimum usage restriction!

We offer 2 different UK Fuel Cards:

UK Fuels Card - Click Here for more info

Keyfuels Card - Click Here for more info